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Merlin feelings/thoughts.

I decided to finally start my Merlin re-watch last night. The first episode reminded me why I fell in love with the series in the first place. It hurt to see Merlin trying to figure out what his purpose in Camelot was (knowing what I know now from series 5) wondering what his destiny would be and how he could protect Arthur no matter the cost. Whether it was some sorceress throwing a dagger at Arthur or fighting Morgana, Merlin was always there by his side from the beginning.

It's funny to hear some of the dialogue from the first episode like Gwen telling Merlin she could never marry/be with a man like Arthur. IMO, she belonged with Lancelot Leon. Or Morgana saying to Uther that he will make many enemies by executing people with magic. Was that foreshadowing or what? Did the creators have the end game in mind when they were writing the first couple of seasons?

Young love.

Oh, Colin.

Seeing Colin's doe eyed baby face when he arrives in Camelot reminded how young and innocent he really was.

He had to learn so much in a short period of time. Controlling his magic, being Arthur's confidante and his loyal servant no matter what happened. I am also simultaneously watching series 5 on Friday nights so my Merlin feels are on over drive. I never wanted Merlin to end and it never will as long as fics are being written.

I just want to cuddle them.

Not related to Merlin but is this a manip or real?

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